Design My Kitchen presents Types of Modular kitchens in Bhopal

A modular kitchen takes the whole cooking process to another level. Designed to make working easier for the chef, it’s far effective than traditional kitchens. In simpler terms, the kitchen is divided into three areas. First comes the sink, then the Hob, and lastly the fridge. All these combine to form a work triangle, where all the cooking is done.


On a broader note, there are six different forms of modular kitchen designs; each having its pros and cons. These layouts are the L-Shaped, Straight Line, U-Shaped, Parallel or Galley, Island and Peninsula. Here are further details of the aforementioned types of modular kitchens that are most prominent in Bhopal.

Types of Modular kitchens




One of the most commonly applied kitchen layouts; it is best suited for nuclear families. The L-shaped design maximises efficiency and is ideal for smaller homes. The unit is spread across two adjoining walls, providing you the versatility of incorporating a small dining table within your kitchen.

l-shape Types of modular kitchen in bhopal

More than often this layout is seen in an open kitchen, which tends to be a compact and cosy cooking place, where one can easily have the dining option for two.





For those who are fond of cooking, this would be the pick of the lot. A three way accessible modular kitchen, this layout has the most efficient work triangle and provides the most storage space as well.

u shaped kitchen layout Lovely U Shaped Kitchen Designs Inspirational Home Interior Design

A U-shaped layout is best suited for spacious apartments. Its spacious, its ideal for family homes, its versatile and a best type of modular kitchen for those who spend a lot of time cooking.





If have a small kitchen, this should be a no brainer. A straight layout increases the efficiency of limited space.

straight kitchen types of modular kitchen in Bhopal

Unlike the other layouts, this type of kitchen does not employ a work triangle, as the workflow is based in single line against one wall. Often termed as open kitchens these types of modular kitchens are ideal for studio and loft apartments.




Probably the most efficient layout among all, Parallel modular kitchens are personally recommended by chefs. These types of cooking spaces have two long working areas, facing each other against two walls.

parallel kitchen types of modular kitchen in bhopal

In this way, the whole modular kitchen is divided into two areas, ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ work spaces. Parallel layouts are suitable for all types of homes but are apt for long and narrow kitchen spaces.




Easily the most opted choice among all the types of modular kitchens, Island layout provides a contemporary style and modern touch to the kitchens. It combines straight line or L-shaped kitchen design with an unconnected island top, hence the name “Island”.

island kitchen types of modular kitchen in bhopal

The extra space can be utilised in various means, or for for having breakfast, lunch or dinner, thus making it the most versatile type of modular kitchen. Island Layout is best suited for spacious homes.



Similar to an island kitchen, a peninsula kitchen offers free space which can be used as a secondary counter, work or entertainment area. However, unlike the Island layout, the extra workspace is connected to the main counter.

g shaped types of modual kitchen in bhopal

Unique than the other types of modular kitchens, the Peninsula is accessible from four sides. It provides all the advantages of an island worktop, utilizing much lesser floor space. This is the perfect choice for open kitchen layouts by offering well-defined boundaries, a separate cooking area and dining spaces that have plenty of storage.


From the plethora of choices available in the market, it is highly advisable to make the right call according to the space and budget that you have. You can find your dream kitchen through the services provided by Design my Kitchen.

Our team goes beyond expectations and provides you with modular components for your kitchen as well as complete kitchen design solutions. We seek to help you customise your very own cooking space, that doesn’t simply look amazing but also turns out to be a great utilitarian.

A modular Kitchen layout should tempt you to cook delicious meals daily and explore your culinary talent every day. We, at Design my Kitchen, live to help our clients do just that.




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