People spend their entire life working and dream of building a place, which they can call home. Where drawing room is the place where we entertain our guest, but somehow everyone finds out their way to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of every household where we spend our most of the time eating, gossiping and what not. So why not make the place worth living in. Yes, that’s what we at design my kitchen do. If you ever have thought- what’s the need for re-modelling the kitchen when the old one is still good going?

Let us give you some!!!

Below we will point out a few of many reasons- why you need to recondition your kitchen.

Deteriorated Condition

Cracked tiles, peeling countertops, missing handles of cabinets or broken doors doesn’t make a good impression on the guest.They not only make the appearance of the kitchen shabby but are somehow making your kitchen unhygienic. The cracked tiles or the doors are the perfect home for the insects which feeds on your hard owned food.

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Different kitchens have there specific need, which if not fulfilled becomes a stumbling block in daily chores. For instance, A cook depends upon modern types of equipment, where outdated appliances do not inspire gourmet cooking. On the other hand, a homemaker may not be using such high-tech devices.

Raising market value 

Landlords and homeowners often remodel their house for the sole purpose of increasing the market value of their property. A well-refurbished kitchen appeals the soon-to-be home buyer more as compared to the old shabby one.



Energy Efficient

A properly designed and structured kitchen can save almost half of the expense spent on electricity bills. Using natural daylight to illuminate the kitchen area and using energy saving lights make your kitchen more efficient and save your money.

Special needs for the special member of the family

Remodelling does not only mean making your kitchen more pleasing and attractive. Sometimes you need to make special arrangement to help the disabled person feel equally accommodated.


Every person has a specific lifestyle and we focus to meet the standard of there lifestyle by providing them- there desired interior.In design my kitchen we have entirely different ideas for every kitchen like the compact design for the small kitchen.

In design my kitchen, we indulge in making your kitchen as glamorous as any other room in the home. Not only that, design my kitchen also customizes wardrobe to meet your storage needs, building strong foundations from quality hardware and providing your kitchen with appliances to hone your experience.
You name it we do it.

In the process of redesigning the kitchen, design my kitchen undertake many steps to meet the customer’s satisfaction. To start off with, a quick inspection is made to decide which type of modular kitchen would be best suitable for the ambiance of the place, which color would suit the environment and how the given area of the kitchenette can be used to frame a proper modular kitchen.

A briefing is given to the customer for decided material, design and type of lighting and appliances are to be used. Design my kitchen makes sure to advance in the project that appeases the customer. We regularly take customer’s feedback to mould the process in a satisfying experience with the minimal possible budget as compared to any other renovator of a modular kitchen in Bhopal.

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