The ones who love to cook will agree that working in a small and unorganised kitchen is not fun. We “design my kitchen”- promote spacious and organised kitchenette.
Organising and managing the”food factory” of the house’ is the most challenging task. Day by day, utensils, appliances, groceries, jars, cans and cutlery increases as we accommodate. A kitchen is set over with new pots and boxes of different shapes and size added from time to time, it becomes a cumbersome task to manage and bring the best out of the available space. Besides, adding more and more shelves in less space make the kitchen premises more cluttered and unorganized.
If you are also struggling with your everyday chores in your kitchen and share the same thoughts, then this is a must-read post for you.
Optimising space and decluttering your kitchen will make you feel lighter and your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. On the bright side, you will spend less time searching for space to keep your stuff, even less time on finding them and love making cuisines you crave. Design my kitchen helps you do that.
Design my kitchen is striving toward providing the best modular kitchen in Bhopal. No matter what the size of the kitchen or the number of people accommodates the house, we provide the best possible design for your kitchen. Here are some of our designer’s tricks to make your kitchen more spacious.

Using wall hangers and hooks
We often use shelves and racks to keep our utilities and leave our walls unnoticed. Why not use them!!
Drill some holes and put some hooks on them. They will not only provide more space for other utilities but will also look elegant. Plus, it will be more handsy and at your ease. They will be in your sight, you just have to reach out and pick them.

Managing space
In most of the case, people do not recognize the amount of hidden space available. For example, space under the cooking platform, sink, dining table. Why not use them? design my kitchen focuses on using these spaces rather than building frames on open space. This leave kitchenette with more space for other utensils and premises look more spacious.

Using corner cabinets
Almost nobody, even many designers of the modular kitchen in Bhopal do make corner cabinets.
A corner cabinet makes your kitchen look more elegant and organized. You can make use of every bit of corner to stash some items. Design my kitchen provides you with a wide range of corner cabinets to suit your interior.

Ceiling hangers
In the market, there are numerous types of designer hangers available which can be used to hang cutlery, pans, kitchen towels and others. Design my kitchen’s forte is to juggle up with things use them diversely.

Go modular, use every bit
Last but not the least! come to us, design my kitchen- one the best designers of the modular kitchen in Bhopal will help you get a notch modernize. We will make sure to use every bit of your verticle space and still leave enough space for future changes. And that too with minimum possible budget.

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